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"21 Ways Artists Save The World: A 21 Day Journal"

21 Ways Artists Save The World: A 21 Day Journal

  • 21 Ways Artists Save The World is an uplifting 21 day journal, filled with encouragement by the two most adorable companions - Swanky Genius The Bird and Lamp The Cat. Each of the 21 days has original drawings of Swanky and Lamp, along with a quote of their soulful wisdom, geared toward helping creators to stay encouraged.


    Softback journals that travel easy, lightweight, the perfect gift for your pal! Color, doodle & write to your heart's delight!


    This little journal is the third in the Community Projects Series. Its purpose is to let you know that, truly, artists are heroes in so many ways, and that the world needs the creativity within each one of us to be expressed and shared. Remember that everyone is a creator in their own unique and majestic way!


    Authored by Peshah, an artist and businesswoman with decades of experience in numerous international companies and aiding non-profits. Peshah's focus is helping others to see how spectacular they are, and to encourage them to share their hearts and gifts with the world.


    North Star's illustrative illuminations bring to life the Swanky Genius series. "Lamp The Cat" and "Swanky Genius The Bird" are whimsical best pals who express the heartfelt message of uplifting artists and creators.


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  • After an order is placed, it will take 1-3 business days for us to pack and ship your order. 

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